Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

the oBscene Crush Row Thanksgiving Giveaway!

Kuja Akina of the oBscene has created a warpaint themed makeup set to accompany the Thanksgiving Sale @ Crush Row - Come pick up these gorgeously fun skins now!

3 skins in total on the siren face in the amber skin tone, you'll be sure to have a ton of fun with these for photographs!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Introducing: Muffums & Fringed Winter Scarves <3

Aranel Ah of *BOOM* and I haphazardly decided (quite randomly, mind you) to bust out a little colab action - and thus the GBL :: Muffums / *BOOM* - Fringe Winter Scarf set was born!

Muffums are available in twenty different color/pattern options and come complete with white or black fur versions and a matching sculpted scarf from Aranel. :D

Muffums attach to your ear points and can be adjusted easily for any hair if you're willing to be patient. If you're a stretch pro (like those of us with fuller hips just HAVE to be in SL) then it'll be a cinch.

The scarves come as a spine attachment, leaving your jackets and warm winter coats the chest attach point for their collars.

Also available: A bonus set of vintage muffums, these come in black/brown/white color options - on scarves are included in this package, however, you can choose between a braided silver or gold headband to accompany your muffums to further push the point of winter fashion fabulousness.

To check them out, sally forth to GBL (Georgiabean Lately) at the Shops @ Crush Row. I'll attach your ride :D


Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Release from *BOOM*

Aranel Ah is better known to some as the creator and designing force behind the store *BOOM*. If you keep up with her work (and you should) then you'd know that the work she's been producing gets better every time she creates a new item.

Not only are her textures incredibly noteworthy, but the realistic fit to the waistline is enough to make any girl who loves a little lowcut flare pant swoon.

The Fall Tweed slacks come in seven assorted colors and the prim cuffed leg attachments make pairing these pants with a good solid boot a fall-favorite fashionista's idea of perfection.

At the time this post was written, Aranel had not yet decided on a sale price, but by now I'm certain if you TP into her mainstore you'll see just why these are every bit a must have for your fall fashion ensemble as a sparkly new AOHARU jacket. (I found that the Tweed Pant, khaki and AOHARU's Furleather Jacket in beige paired incredibly well together)

*BOOM*'s mainstore is located on the Doll City Sim at the Shops @ Crush Row. Definitely don't let the day go by without at least picking up one pair.

Monday, November 3, 2008

AOHARU | Winter Coat

For those of you who love the winter collection of AOHARU - (and I know there are a lot of you because I've seen you!) - Machang Pichot's gone and made a fitted version specifically for women with a hood up and/or down option.

Also available, this adorable white minidress with attach points to match the coat and make sure to keep you looking stylish and yet cozy and warm all winter long.

The fur trum comes in brown or white -- and don't forget to pick up a pair of socks and the cutsie snow boots from AOHARU_WALK to completely round out your ensemble.

This seriously is a must have for any girl, or guy for that matter, who intends to keep up with the fashion trends of the fall/winter season.

Skin, the oBscene, custom
Hair, Clothing, AOHARU
Jewelry, Georgiabean Lately

Friday, October 24, 2008


The Halloween sidewalk sale starts tomorrow and this is just your friendly reminder to show up with your favorite trick-or-treat bag to collect the loot! Some really awesome stuff has been created and/or discounted for this event, and there will be new releases from a lot of your favorite designers!

And speaking of new releases.....

Greek Princess - Punk Drunk / Iris Seale

This dress will be available as a new release at your favorite Punch Drunk locations tomorrow, and as you can see, it's fun to photograph! If you happen to be at the Trick-or-Treat sale, hop on in to pick one up yourself!

See you guys in the am! <3

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just showin' a little Crush Row Love. <3

We here at Crush Row pride ourselves on our childlike nature at times, and the month of October is no exception to this silliness.

The great designers at Crush Row have signed up to offer you all a little trick or treat action from October 25th-October 30th.

Come to collect your Free to dollarbie goodies, but make sure you bring a big enough pillow case to cart all of your loot back home - word has it some of our designers have gone above and beyond the call of duty for this one.

Whatever your preference, trick or treat, don't miss out!


Wanna know what else? On October 30th Crush Row's nightclub Rumour will be hosting a Black & White ball with music rocking the sim from 6-10pm SLT. DJ's Bongo Oldbull & Damon Dollinger will be on site to make sure that you're getting the biggest bang for your boo as we ring in All Hollow's Eve with spooky style and crazy class.

Entry is first come first serve, attire is of course black (and white) tie, and masks are absolutely necessary. Don't be afraid to play with your look and theme yourself according to whatever it is you want to dress up as this year and make sure to stick around during the event because the prizes will be worth waiting for. (Cash prizes will also be awarded for the best dressed male and female of the evening) - See you and yours @ Crush Row!

Crush Row is located on the Doll City sim @

Friday, October 17, 2008

Oogity boogity.

Machang Pichot of AOHARU is probably the most adorable and generous person I've met in world - the adorable factor more than likely has something to do with her amazing personality (and throw in a charming language barrier too) and the crazy amount of admiration I have for her work. It's stupid how much I envy her skill and yet I can't praise it enough either.

She surprised me today with a load of Halloween themed goodies. Including, but not limited to: these fantastic boots, this fitted knit sweater and a pair of playful argyle socks. She also took Cari and I to Little Heaven to get this wicked broom (comes with 10 pose variations - fly while you shop!PS it was FREE!) The skirt's a favorite from Fishy Strawberry. Mix it all up and you've got one festive little ensemble, poifect for any witching hour.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday : Mashed.

It's the fifteenth which means two things. First, that I survived my birthday without a hint of a hangover (okay, okay so there was a mild headache.) Second, that the breeze outside without rain means that it is in fact fall in Florida.

Both of these things deserve gigantic amounts of mm's from the masses, I assure you.

Fall/Winter fashion makes me the happiest. Like, :D happy.

Now I know I mentioned that my shopping has been out of whack recently, and this just means I have a lot of friends to thank for sending (aka: taking pity on) me gifts of clothing to wear so I didn't just continuously wear the same pair of jeans and tank top sans shoes for months.

The most recent gift came from Iris Seale of Punch Drunk.

"Scene Queen"
The printed green tee matched with the metallic tights makes for one comfortably casual and yet stylish outfit.

Now, feeling fall as I am, I opted to layer it with an under layer turtle neck (with modded/shortened sleeves) from *BOOM*'s Milieu outfit in bark.

The boots are a combination of fur leg warmers, ON's Harajuku Punk Fur (part of the set that accompanied the jacket I featured a few posts ago) and the Florence boots in Urban Leo from Kitties Lair.

The earrings, although not exactly easy to see, are actually really adorable and from Kimberly Casanova Designs. The necklaces that go with these earrings are great and the color combinations are really perfect for the season.

The hair, also charming, is from *KUROTSUBAKI* hair_heart_7_brown.

And the location, as of late, has been Crush Row - the newest face of Doll City for those of you who've known me awhile. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should. You'll be able to find Punch Drunk's latest here as well as a really great variety of shops for your super shopping ventures.

Monday, October 6, 2008


The best thing about my wee shopping hiatus (which, if we're going to be honest with one another, I do have to admit that I
did shop, I just didn't do it "actively" -- which all my fellow addicts will understand the pace of which I mean) was that I didn't find myself frequenting the same shops I usually cannot live without.

I spent hours in my inventory (yes, hours - if you add up all the time, subtract the quick changes, and multiply the amount of free gifts my precious friends passed on you find yourself at hours) mixing and matching things I've had for over a year now and things I've only had a few minutes.

This proved to work best for the times I actually made it out of my skybox to go play social. I found that I wasn't matching anyone standing next to me. That is, my biggest pet peeve. People have argued in blogs before, even commented on quotes from me, which is lawl worthy, about the absolute inability to be unique in SL. I just so happen to disagree with that statement and find that I've just so happened to surround myself with some of the most unique looking avatars in world. See: Keeley Huet, Carissa Crimson, and Aranel Ah for examples.

Now, I'm not saying these girls take the cake on supreme uniqueness, I'm just saying that if I saw them, standing in a crowded room, without nametags or their significant others standing by, (and if it makes you feel better, if they were all in the same shape and not attempting to trick me by changing it up) I'd be able to tell who they were by what they were wearing.

So - long winded unique-ness commentation aside, I DO think it's possible to have your own unique style in world. I usually say that it's an absolutely necessary to do this by mixing and matching, but there are some designers who just make really killer out of box ensembles that look like they've already been haphazardly (used in the best way possible) styled.

Bijou, for example, is my favorite. Not only do I feel one hundred percent "me" when I walk into her store, which in itself is an incredible feeling -- but, her designs have a carefree, dare I say, "punk rock aloofness" that just makes anyone who's ever felt the need to be different, stand out in the absolute best way. The right way.

I know most of you know of, and have been to bijou. And I think that's fantastic. Maybe you feel one hundred percent you there too, which is also fantastic. The chances of us wearing it identically are slim to none, and that is also... well, you get the picture.

For those of you who haven't been, do yourself a favor and make time to check it out.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hola babies.

It's been so long since I've written in here, I was convinced that I'd forgotten how to do it. And my slack hasn't just been in blogging, I haven't been much of a dresser lately either. (Been sticking more to comfort clothes, bad bad lazy Bho.)

But! Have no fear, I'm back and let's just say "better than ever" to make myself feel aces. Huzzah!

Carissa told me that I reminded her of Rachel Zoe, and I kept meaning to watch to see what she meant, but hadn't been able to until today (when the net went out of course) and well, I felt a tiny bit of inspiration.

First, let me just say that I'm not a big advocate of real fur in fashion. I'm not going to go throw red paint on anyone or anything, but, I'm what you'd call an animal lover. I also understand the importance of difference in texture when it comes to not only self expression but to completing a look as well. So, what better a way to not only wear, but not carry a single ounce of guilt when it comes to fur, then on SL! It's conflict free, and I assure you no prim animals were harmed in the making of this coat.

Jacket: ON Harajuku Punk Furs Natural Mink
Top: LAST CALL Aeryn Corseted jacket (whole lace) - Catwalk Collection
Jeans: BOOM Skinny Fit
Shoes: Mishima Dawn - Leather Brown
Hair: ::69:: still - light brown
Accessories: Fear & Clothing Sacred heart Rust Necklace - Femme | Muism - Leather Shoulder in brown

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Starlet by Chic Boutique

Get your calendars out and save the date!

Duality, Inc & Aspire Model Management proudly present Starlet by Chic Boutique!

You've all loved Arielle Ceres' lingerie - now come see what this one of a kind designer is doing for what goes underneath!

August 16, 2008 | 4PM SLT | DJ DAMON DOLLINGER

Please look for the Aspire Fan Club group in search and join to make sure you receive your landmark day of show! After party to follow with Areille Ceres & AMM's gorgeous model staff!

*This event sponsored by Shopline! Your one and only in world shopping resource.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

House of Heart x <3

There are few people who can deliver a mighty powerful review pack punch and Sheltered Heart of House of Heart is one of them.

I received a review folder yesterday and had my interwebs cooperated I'd have posted a lot lot sooner.

It's fun to watch an artist/designer evolve - the technique remains the same but the practice of recreation promotes perfection in pieces.

Admittedly, not every piece in this pack is your every day wear it if you've got it hairstyle - it's still some of the best "quote" high fashion "unquote" hair I've seen.

Quite frankly, for those of you flickr obsessed (as I am) people - this hair screams to be photographed.

Observe the aids to my visual delight below:

Friday, May 23, 2008

new! @ georgiabean lately.

the socialite :: cutesty little piece of necklace love. It's also boasting some hot colorchange options for a unique and matchy matchy good time!

georgiabean lately | formerly doll city jewelry (explanation to follow when I'm actually awake! <3)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

:: new at Doll City Jewelry

It's official - I've branched into accessory making. Not that that's a huge gigantic big WOW but! If you're ever in the mood for really silly, fun-loving goodness - come pick up a pair of the brand spankin' new "HataBlocks" Sunglasses.

There's color change so they promise to go obnoxiously well with whatever you're wearing!

Doll City Jewelry

Special thanks to my Aspire girls for posing!
Pinkstarz Destiny, Masumi D
eSade, and Azia Lunasea. <3


Okay, so maybe I couldn't sleep and maybe I was forced into creating more sh*t. Hmmm.

Friday, May 16, 2008

:: re:moosh

I received the note card promoting moosh a few days ago and decided to check it out.

I found it to be a really well done and adorable place to shop, with stores that you don't see everywhere or all over the grid. It lacked that common pretentiousness that seems to be all the rage in SL's shopping establishments.

And unfortunately - if you didn't see it in the short time that it was opened, chances are it might take you awhile to see it again.

Moosh was co-owned by partners Elizabeth Hallstrom and Dane Kabo. Unfortunately, due to problematic events in their personal life - Dane felt it necessary to autoreturn/delete some of the shopping district's stores and contents.

There is one parcel with seven stores remaining. Making this appear to be more of an act of malicious intent than an unhappy accident.

Elizabeth Hallstrom, now the ONLY owner of moosh, is obviously devestated. She is also "humiliated" by the turn of events, and wants people to know that she would never have done anything so careless and thoughtless to other people's property. Hallstrom is dilligently working to restore moosh as was before the deletion.

The deletion of sims, or other people's creations, seems to be running rampant in SL these days. And I hate to see store designers being put in likewise turmoil anywhere.

Let's hope this is one that gets turned around and that Elizabeth can keep her chin up and find what she needs to move forward with moosh so that we, as fashionistas, can continue to have "homey" places to shop.

aerial view of moosh, today.

aerial view of moosh, today 2.

speaking with Elizabth Hallstrom on the remaining moosh parcel

Monday, May 12, 2008

:: favorite outfit of forever.


Hair: Pipy - Brown - Mirai Style
Glasses: ETD Chic Aviators (Black Frames)
Bag: House of Heart - Chicago bag (black v2)
Shoes: J's Western Boots Brown (Used look)
Dress: Vogart Flower Line Dress
Accessories: DCJ :: Glamour Girl Wristlette
KCD Retro Bambooerang Earrings

Saturday, May 10, 2008

:: new at Doll City Jewelry

For those of you who are keen on the things I make - here's some newness.

Come check it out - it's the perfect little accessory for summer!

Doll City Jewelry:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

:: summer love.

Kimberly Casanova & Yours Truly.
I love this girl. Like x a lot.

Signing on this afternoon met me with an awesome surprise. Kim and I have had the worst schedule conflicts ever! Seeing her on my friends list made my day - so we obviously had to take some smexy photos! There's more on my flickr if anyone's interested! And onward to the cute fashionesque things.

I venture back to Hotel Swan, as mentioned in a previous post, every so often... and every single time I do I either find some incredibly neat gadget or some adorable bag. This time it was this bag! I just had to take a little beach get away photo, and here's our Bhoney Girl, on her way to a bbq sans shades cause it's obviously an evening summer shindig. ;)

Top: Persona
Jeans: Kittie's Lair (mmmbabette)
Flip Flops: Kimberly Casanova Designs
Hair: Kin
BAG: Mirros+Mirai Style

Monday, May 5, 2008

:: house of heart

Imagine me, waking up around 5:30ish - groggy and over tired. Feeling my way out of bed, blinded by absolute darkness... well save for the big flashing digital light on my stereo, anyway...

...I feel my hand hit something, cold and then I hear the crash. I turn a light on and le gasp! I have broken my idiotically expensive bottle of Angel (the perfume I wear normally) and it's soaking second by second into my rug. In moments my entire room smells like patchouli and thus begins my depressing, god-awful Monday... Until! I sign on this morning and have a review folder waiting for me with some of the most fun hairstyles/bags and jewelry I've seen in a while!

House of Heart is located on the Tropical Escape sim - formerly (and currently still) Bewitched Hair - they've decided that for their two year anniversary they'd not only switch locations, but switch it up on the name front too. Above, is a photograph of the new store along with the vast color demo selection they've put up for your obvious hair pleasure.karas hair in coffe bean | go green produce bag

It's not just the trendy thing to do, it's the healthy thing to do - and seeing it in SL made me giggle and extremely pleased! This adorable Go Green produce bag comes complete with stance and is the perfect accessory for when you don't feel like carrying around those cute penguins everyone's got!

natasja hair in wheat | chicago bag v.1

Here's a style I dig - mainly because it's got the "it really took two hours to do my hair to make you think I just let my hair airdry" potential. RL or SL - that's no easy task to create. The bag is also my favorite, and also comes in two different versions.

the legend hair in natural blonde | soho necklace in silver

The color blonde is near perfection in my book - and the curls are playful and cute. The necklace is incredible, and though somewhat simplistic - it's the perfect accessory for that reason, adding little dashes of color through an otherwise colorbland outfit. This combo's one of my favorites.

elusive hair in rosewood | organic necklace

Everytime I switched hair and jewelry, it just kept getting better. This necklace is insanely good - and it's rustic appearance means you can dress it up or dress it down. The hair is playful and fun while still appearing stylish and sexy in that quick, no nonsense way.

feral hair in brown | draped beads necklace
This hair made me squeal in delight. I love big hair, but most of all I love big, messy hair! And this is so much damn fun to wear. Like, the organic necklace, this can be both dressed up and down - the necklace is charming and compliments a variety of other styles as well.

haley hair in horizon

Again with the no fuss hair - I love the attention being drawn to making these styles appear a little undone - carefree if you will. I don't know if that was intention or sheer accidental yummy-ness but either way I'm a fan. A big one.

joss hair in birch, sequined clutch in lilac

The hair, style wise (or shall I say "cut") - is similar enough to a few other styles out there, but it's the unique (and again!) flawless execution of just putting it together that makes this style stand out. The bag and its pose are both adorable, and make me want to carry a handbag 24/7.

Basically, what all of this means is that you need to not only go to House of Heart, but you need to have a look around - grab a few of the above mentioned styles to celebrate their grand opening and I dare you to tell me you don't love them as much as I do.

House of Heart Designs, Tropical Escape (127,70,23)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

:: sometimes, it's good to be bad.

These black on bumhugging jeans moments are becoming an obsession.

Jacket: Bijou, Nightmare ensemble
Glasses: ETD, Aviators
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Sizzle

Saturday, May 3, 2008

:: D-Factor

Having just attended the Stiletto Moody Gala (and placing somewhere in the top 20 - woo!) I was instant messaged a few times regarding the dress I was wearing.

** Congrats to the winners!**
Collin Savon - 1st
Mia Olivier - 2nd
Ryker Beck - 3rd

The photos were insanely amazing!



I'm not one to give away secrets of zee closet - (especially when I HATE being that girl who has a dress twin ANYWHERE!) - but even I have to admit that this one's pretty stellar.

Short without being raunchy, the swooping neckline is protected by a flesh colored mesh fabric. Accented with gemstones it's a stunner from the front alone. But! Wear this dress - and be sure to be noticed from the back as well...

The back of the dress is simply, well, naughty - in that "dipped in chocolate" good way. A single slice of fabric connects the waist (which is also dripping with gemstones) to the neckline. The back seriously completes the construction of this dress.

If you want to feel "talk of the town" then this one's a must for your closets, girls.

:: D-Factor
The Hotel George Shopping Square
Hotel George, George 5 Sim 231,158,21

Friday, May 2, 2008

perfect addiction :: mixed up mashup.

I've always been the girl who's been in search of the perfect pair of jeans - I remember preaching to the choir that League had gone and done it (and Nena's jeans are damn near close to perfection) but since the Last Call Sale (and sorry if you didn't get there's no getting now) I haven't been able to take off the Bumhugging jeans from the Anais ensemble.

I love them so much in fact that I've been putting different outfits together for about a month now and ironically enough, more times than not, I end right back up in some variation of a Muism top! So here's Bho's top 5 for the day.

Hair: Kin, Mairi in Red. (Haven't been able to take this off either!)
Top: Muism (part of the waistcoat dress in white)
Jeans: Last Call (part of the Anais ensemble,Bumhugigng jeans)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Silver Pump
Jewelry: Earrings, Creamshop - Glam Earring
Necklace, Doll City Jewelry - Vintage Anch
Bag: Muism - Chaine Leather hand bag in white.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

House of Nyla :: You'll NEED not just WANT this.

So, I had every intention on making these a "sneak peek" of sorts - and then RL happened.

The detail in these dresses is too good to ignore though, so I'm posting anyway. Being quite possibly the most detailed and gorgeous I've seen in SL to date, (which is all the more reason you should RUN not WALK to House of Nyla - and pick em up) - they're simply stunning.

I didn't shoot the red dragon dress in it's entirety. I did shoot the corset and the jacket layer with the bow over the jeans (SO CUTE) and the nymph dress speaks for itself.