Sunday, April 27, 2008

House of Nyla :: You'll NEED not just WANT this.

So, I had every intention on making these a "sneak peek" of sorts - and then RL happened.

The detail in these dresses is too good to ignore though, so I'm posting anyway. Being quite possibly the most detailed and gorgeous I've seen in SL to date, (which is all the more reason you should RUN not WALK to House of Nyla - and pick em up) - they're simply stunning.

I didn't shoot the red dragon dress in it's entirety. I did shoot the corset and the jacket layer with the bow over the jeans (SO CUTE) and the nymph dress speaks for itself.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

:: no, seriously.

We've all got those VIP Rockstar fantasies - here's how we dress it up.

On Babyhoney:
Hair: Brite, Gritty Kitty (custom mod)
Shirt: Armidi
Jeans: Last Call
Bra: Last Call
Heels: Etch'd
Bracelet: Doll City Jewelry
Earrings: Kimberly Casanova Designs

On Pink:
Hair: Brite, Gitty Kitty
Tank: Muism
Jeans: League
Boots: Kitty's Lair
Suspenders: Wrong.
Necklace: ^.^The Kitty Box^.^

**my apologies if this double posted anywhere - blogger hates my soul.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

::burden your mouth for what you say.

Babyhoney Bailey::

Model / Grandprize Winner / 2008 Miss SL Universe
Doll City Sim Co-owner / Duality, Inc - VP / Aspire! Agency Director

I wear a few hats, and even more pairs of shoes.

Unlike previous, this spot won't be mainly for reviews of my oh so favorite things (of the moment) - more so it'll be a little catchall for everything that's goin' on in my neck of the grid.

Feel free to keep up if you're interested, and don't hesitate to say hello if you see me in-world!