Monday, November 3, 2008

AOHARU | Winter Coat

For those of you who love the winter collection of AOHARU - (and I know there are a lot of you because I've seen you!) - Machang Pichot's gone and made a fitted version specifically for women with a hood up and/or down option.

Also available, this adorable white minidress with attach points to match the coat and make sure to keep you looking stylish and yet cozy and warm all winter long.

The fur trum comes in brown or white -- and don't forget to pick up a pair of socks and the cutsie snow boots from AOHARU_WALK to completely round out your ensemble.

This seriously is a must have for any girl, or guy for that matter, who intends to keep up with the fashion trends of the fall/winter season.

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1 comment:

Carissa Crimson said...

I feel so uber snow bunny in this!!

*sniffs* what happened to the group shot of me, you, Machang and Callie?

I wanna Seeeeee!

oh and completely random, but lawlz, the blogger verification word for this comment is "sestier". Sounds hot and oddly appropriate.