Sunday, November 16, 2008

Introducing: Muffums & Fringed Winter Scarves <3

Aranel Ah of *BOOM* and I haphazardly decided (quite randomly, mind you) to bust out a little colab action - and thus the GBL :: Muffums / *BOOM* - Fringe Winter Scarf set was born!

Muffums are available in twenty different color/pattern options and come complete with white or black fur versions and a matching sculpted scarf from Aranel. :D

Muffums attach to your ear points and can be adjusted easily for any hair if you're willing to be patient. If you're a stretch pro (like those of us with fuller hips just HAVE to be in SL) then it'll be a cinch.

The scarves come as a spine attachment, leaving your jackets and warm winter coats the chest attach point for their collars.

Also available: A bonus set of vintage muffums, these come in black/brown/white color options - on scarves are included in this package, however, you can choose between a braided silver or gold headband to accompany your muffums to further push the point of winter fashion fabulousness.

To check them out, sally forth to GBL (Georgiabean Lately) at the Shops @ Crush Row. I'll attach your ride :D



Mariya Nesiote said...

Oooh. Love the scarves!

Babyhoney Bailey said...

Yes! I love how she made them look like they actually had a significant weight in the material. :)